Things I Know and have done.

My Skill Set

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A bit about me.

I am an electronic engineer and programmer. The bulk of what I've done is programming. I've created, designed and written software on many projects. My primary language is C++, although I've used a great many languages to varying extents. I've also done a lot of work with computer graphics, using the OpenGL and DirectX APIs. Most of my work has been on my own projects. I've always had a passion to be creative and inventive. I like the idea of working across disciplines to find a way to fuse technologies or fields and create something new.

My Objectives:

I like to employ my skills as a problem solve and creator, and I like to continually improve my skills so that I become better at these things.


C/C++ -- C++ is the langauage I have the highest degree of knowledge in. I know it very well.

C# -- I've been using C# for about two years.

Python -- I've been using Python for the last year, and I did some work with it a few years ago as well.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, SQL -- I've used these languages to varying degrees.

OpenGL/DirectX APIs -- I've used these APIs extensively.

Flex/Flash -- I've written a few extensive applications in Flex.

3D Graphics theory -- I've studied and implemented many graphical methods.

Linux and Windows -- I've worked in both of these enviornments, however most of my work has been in Windows.

B.S. in Electronic Engineering, SIUE

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